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  • Reference Number – RW1745
  • Manufacturer – Wall Timer
  • Remote Model Number – GX IR03
  • Equipment Type – Wall Timer
  • Date Of Arrival – 29th April 2019
  • Progress – Repaired
  • Date of Return – 20th may 2019 
    Pref – 91074719SG04946

Fault DescriptionNo interaction between clock timer and the remote control.

This remote was last working approximately a year ago and the signal from remote to receiver was always fading.

Remedy – This remote arrived safely and on inspection the battery cover was missing (this cannot be replaced).

When tested no signal was being emmited on any button press.

When opened the issue was found to be due to a broken Infra Red LED.  A replacement was fitted which restored full functionality.


Wall Timer Remote Testing Video

The Above is a testing video showing the working functionality of the GX IR03.


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