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No Fix No Fee

  • Reference Number – RW1759
  • Manufacturer – Villeroy & Boch
  • Remote Model Number – CombiPool
  • Equipment Type – Jacuzzi Bath
  • Date Of Arrival – 15th Octovber 2019
  • Progress – Beyond Repair – Clone Supply
  • Date of Clone Supply – 17th October 2019

Fault Description – The Battery terminals have corroded and casing is cracked.

Remedy – This control was found to have a cracked battery housing which had allowed water to enter the control and corrode the terminals.  The only way to open it was to cut it using a dremel, due to this a repair was not possible without destroying its housing.

The customer was told and the option of a clone was offered which was chosen. The clone was created and provided.

Please note that the supplied clone controller is not waterproof and great care must be taken to prevent water damage (for example, this item can be used within a sealed bag to prevent water contamination)


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  1. Gareth Evans

    I have the same remote and problem? Please can you help?


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