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  • Reference Number – RW1715
  • Manufacturer – Wall Timer
  • Remote Model Number – GX-IR03
  • Equipment Type – Wall Timer Clock
  • Date Of Arrival – 21st April 2017
  • Progress – Repaired
  • Date of Return – 22nd April 2017

Fault Description – No interaction between clock timer and the remote control

Remedy – This wall timer controller arrived safely from Belgium, initial inspection revealed that the battery cover was missing.

On adding a power source there was no infra red light being emmited from the control on any button press.

On opening there was a liquid contamination found on the main PCB on both sides (possibly some sort of cleaning solution / switch cleaner or maybe battery acid from a leakage). The board was given an alcohol bath to remove the contaminants but the dead issue remained. The problem was found to be a faulty Infra Red LED. This was replaced and full functionality was restored.


Testing Video

The Above is a testing video showing the completed repair functionality.


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