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About the Repair World Services
Martin Smith

Martin Smith


Creator and owner of SMG Development / Repairhelper group Martin Smith has been an electronic repair service engineer since 1992. Initially as a TV repair engineer for a local small firm known as Multivision and then after 9 years when they closed down started up his own business and extended the repair services online by producing the Repairhelper conglomerate of sites.  The online remote control repair company RemoteFixer was started in 2004 and this serviced the UK but recently we have found that more and more remotes have been sent in from around the globe.  This is why we decided to branch out our services further by releasing the Repair.World system.

Our Repair Service Mission

At Repair.World we aim to continue the high standard of repair work that we have been doing for many years.  We relaunched our previous incarnation of our repair site on RemoteFixer.co.uk and has been highly successful.  Repair.World is the global variant of remote fixer launched on April of 2017 allowing us to service a wider audience more conveniently

repair service by Remotefixer
Fast and Reliable Turnaround for Repairs

Our accumulated stock of parts over the years has enabled us to carry out repairs within a very timely manor, in many cases we can carry out repairs within 2 to 4 working days of arrival with us dependant on the workload at the time.

Fixed Price with a No Fix No Fee Policy

Our services are at a fixed low price for all repairs, full details of our pricing system can be found on our Prices page.  If we cannot for any reason complete your repair then there is no charge. Only the return postage would be required if the item was to be returned to you (alternatively we can dispose of it for you and there will be no charge at all)


Respected Company

Repair.World is part of the  Repairhelper / RemoteFixer group who have been offering repair services since 2002.

WorldWide Service

Our services are not geographically limited as we repair items from all over the globe.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Jobs carried out by us are on a no fix no fee basis and all repairs are fully guaranteed for a full 12 months.

Remote Finder Services

If you have lost your remote we also offer a remote finder service whereby we will search our many sources for a suitable replacement for your item.